Why We’re a Cash-Pay Practice

Why MyHealth1st Chose the Cash-Pay Model

At MyHealth1st, our every decision revolves around our patients. In the vast healthcare landscape, insurance can often overshadow patient care. So, we had to make a choice: How do we ensure top-notch care while keeping everything transparent? Our solution: the cash-pay model.

Breaking Down Our Choice

  1. Depth Over Duration: Your health story matters to us. We invest time understanding your health story, ensuring a tailored wellness plan is crafted with precision.
  2. Our Independence, Your Benefit: Without being tethered to insurance rules, we can center our care purely on your health needs.
  3. Focused on Care, Not Paperwork: Avoiding insurance claims lets us focus on what truly counts: delivering the highest quality of care for you.
  4. Prioritizing Prevention: The most cost-saving measure in healthcare? Preventing disease and major health setbacks in the first place. This is why our emphasis leans heavily towards proactive care, nutrition, and promoting an active lifestyle. It’s not just better care, but also a smarter financial choice in the long run.

Navigating Healthcare Costs with Us

  • Check Out GoodRx: Before you settle any medication bill, give GoodRx a glance. Their coupons can be a game-changer, often beating out insurance co-pays.
  • Handling LabCorp: Remember, there’s no need to pay deposits upfront. If your LabCorp bill seems high, reach out. We offer competitive cash-pay rates.
  • Reimbursement Made Simple: You’ll always receive an “Insurance Invoice” post-visit, complete with CPT and diagnosis codes. This is your key to seeking potential reimbursement from your insurance provider.

Our Guiding Philosophy

Our mission isn’t just about addressing symptoms. At MyHealth1st, we focus on holistic well-being. The cash-pay model is our commitment to that principle, ensuring we always prioritize you.

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