Thermogram revealing an abnormality in the left breast
Thermogram revealing an abnormality in the left breast.

How Thermography Works

Thermography is the science of capturing and analyzing our body’s thermal energy AKA infrared heat. We cool your body slightly before the examination to highlight the heat contrast between normal and potentially abnormal tissues. Then, an infrared camera maps heat variations on your body’s surface, revealing subtle cellular changes and potential health issues long before they become major concerns. Thermography is non-invasive, radiation-free, and provides insights undetectable by MRI and X-ray.

Why Thermography?

Thermography offers multiple benefits:

What Can Thermography Detect?

Thermography can help detect a range of health issues that are closer to the body’s surface:

Early Warning of Breast Cancer

One in eight women will develop breast cancer. Thermography may reveal a developing tumor up to ten years before it is visible on an X-ray. Research has shown that adding thermography to a woman’s regular breast check-up routine leads to a 61% increase in detection rates. Furthermore, by incorporating thermography into the screening routine, up to 98% of early-stage breast cancers can be detected.

Did you know?

Is Thermography Right for You?

Thermography is a valuable addition to health screening routines for both men and women. For women, it’s an excellent tool for early breast cancer detection and is highly recommended for young women to establish baseline thermographic breast patterns starting as young as age 20. It’s also particularly beneficial for those with concerns about radiation or discomfort during mammograms.

Why Choose MyHealth1st for Thermography?

At MyHealth1st, we deliver high-quality, reliable thermography procedures:

Thermogram displaying healthy, uniformly cool breasts without vascular markings.
Thermogram displaying healthy, uniformly cool breasts without vascular markings.

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