Introducing Thermography at MyHealth1st

We’re buzzing with excitement to announce the latest addition to our services: Thermography Screening. Nestled in the heart of Winston-Salem, NC, our brand-new clinic is now equipped with a dedicated Thermography room.

This is fantastic news not just for our immediate community, but for everyone in the broader Piedmont area, including nearby locales like Clemmons, Kernersville, Mocksville, Greensboro, and Advance.

Thermogram revealing an abnormality in the left breast
A glimpse of a thermogram detailing heat variations on the body's surface.

A pivotal aspect of our Thermography service is our collaboration with the esteemed Dr. James Campbell, an expert in the field of medical thermal imaging, who will not only interpret our thermograms but has trained our providers to ensure top-notch service.

Spotlight: Dr. Jim Campbell

Dr. James Stewart Campbell: Our Thermography maestro.

A graduate of Lehigh University, Dr. Campbell earned his bachelor’s degree in Electrical Engineering, followed by an MD from Albany Medical College, NY in 1970. He began his medical career at The Country Doctor Clinic in Seattle, providing general medical care.

By 1976, Dr. Campbell’s interests had expanded to biomedical engineering. He worked on innovative projects ranging from ultrasound imaging to bio-acoustics, and even implantable neural probe systems.

In 2010, he started a thermography service at Integrative Life Solutions Inc. in Clemmons, NC. For over a decade, this service was at the forefront of thermal data analysis.

For those interested in the detailed science, Dr. Campbell authored a book, “Human Medical Thermography“, providing a comprehensive look into the subject. With his wealth of experience and knowledge, our Thermography service at MyHealth1st isn’t just about taking images, but offering a depth of knowledge and unparalleled care.

Curious about Thermography’s relevance to your health? For a deeper understanding, we invite you to explore our Thermography Service Page. If you’re considering the service, please contact us to schedule an appointment.