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Lari Young MD

Medical Director, Founder
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Lisa Trevino PA

Physician Assistant
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Carlton DeHart RN, BSN

Clinical Lead Nurse
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Jane Bowser EdD

Holistic Health Coach & Personal Trainer
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Kat Bourassa

Medical Assistant & Thermography Technician


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Lilly Young

Operations Manager

Sandy Martinez

Patient Coordinator
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Cindy Smith

New Patient Coordinator

Lari Young MD, MS

Medical Director, Founder

Lari’s initial spark for healthcare was ignited during her high school years as a candy striper, where she discovered her innate passion for helping people. This, coupled with a growing fascination for health science, steered her towards a Master’s Degree in Outcomes Research from Dartmouth College. Soon after, she found herself deeply involved in the cardiovascular research department at Massachusetts General Hospital. There, Lari played a pivotal role, designing informatics systems and analyzing patient outcomes. Yet, amid the data and research, she felt a growing desire for direct patient care.

Responding to this inner calling, Lari pursued her medical degree in her thirties. While she was deeply committed to her patients, she observed that many either weren’t improving or were facing severe health challenges that could have been prevented. This observation troubled her. She realized that the prevailing healthcare model was predominantly reactive, often waiting for patients to manifest a disease only to address their symptoms rather than the root causes. Lari believed in empowering patients with the knowledge and tools to reverse and prevent illness. Driven by this conviction, she sought a more holistic path — one that emphasized proactive, preventative care and placed a patient’s personal narrative at the heart of their treatment plan.

Her quest for holistic medicine led her to a postdoctoral fellowship in Integrative Medicine at Wake Forest University, training in medical acupuncture at the Helms Medical Institute, and in-depth studies at the Institute of Functional Medicine. During her years in private practice she completed additional specialty training for the treatment of Lyme, the Walsh Approach to holistic psychiatry, and Klinghardt’s Autonomic Response Testing.

In 2012, Lari bridged her love for data with her deep-seated belief in proactive, comprehensive care, and opened her own practice. A place where numbers and narratives come together, ensuring every patient is not just treated, but truly seen and understood.

Lisa Trevino PA

Physician Assistant

Lisa began her career in hematology/oncology before progressing to chronic and acute pain management, where she focused on alleviating patient suffering. She developed a strong foundation in conventional medicine, particularly in caring for veterans. But Lisa had a calling to dive deeper for her patients. She was inspired to seek root cause solutions, rather than only symptom management. 

After relocating to North Carolina from Texas, Lisa’s personal health journey led her to explore integrative and functional medicine. Here, she discovered her passion for holistic approaches to health. She has since completed additional training in bioidentical hormone replacement, medical weight loss, and anti-aging aesthetic medicine.

At MyHealth1st, Lisa seamlessly integrates her conventional medical expertise with a holistic healthcare philosophy. She recognizes the constraints of traditional medicine and is committed to a more comprehensive approach to health, focusing on overall wellness rather than just treating illness. Eager to further her education and develop her skills, Lisa is poised to make significant contributions to our practice. Her dedication to advancing patient care aligns perfectly with our vision for innovative and holistic healthcare solutions.

Carlton Dehart RN, BSN, CHFN

Clinical Lead Nurse

Carlton began her academic journey at UNC Charlotte, securing degrees in Nursing and Biology and rounding out her education with a minor in Spanish. Surrounded by a family with ties to the medical field, her commitment to healthcare blossomed early on. With an innate ability to form genuine, meaningful connections, Carlton has always been dedicated to patient-centric care.

During her ten-year span in cardiology, Carlton gained vast experience and achieved certification in Heart Failure nursing. As the Advanced Heart Failure Coordinator at Novant Health-Charlotte Market, she not only demonstrated a profound understanding and unwavering dedication to individuals battling heart failure, but also adeptly managed and coordinated a dedicated team of nurses, ensuring cohesive patient care.

When faced with a personal and professional crossroads during the pandemic, Carlton serendipitously connected with Dr. Lari Young. Guided by her steadfast belief in medical freedom, patient empowerment, and holistic care, she chose a direction that resonated with her principles. Driven by a shared mission, they recognized the urgent need for an alternative healthcare approach—one that prioritized holistic early treatments for COVID-19. 

Post-pandemic, Carlton adeptly expanded her role within our clinic to assist with broader outpatient care. Collaborating with our entire team, she transcends the traditional role of a nurse, excelling at guiding patients through their lab results and navigating treatment plans. Her focus on patient advocacy ensures that every individual is fully empowered, informed, and valued on their health journey.

Jane Bowser

Holistic Health Coach & Personal Trainer

Jane’s career uniquely bridges the realms of academia and holistic health. With a foundational background in Chemistry and Biology from High Point University and an Ed.D. in Curriculum and Instruction, her journey reflects a deep commitment to both education and wellness.

Beginning her career in education, Jane served as a Science Teacher and Department Chair, where her love for teaching and technology flourished. She then transitioned to higher education, becoming a tenured Assistant Professor at High Point University. Here, she not only imparted knowledge but also led initiatives in educational technology, showcasing her ability to merge traditional teaching with innovative methods.

Jane’s pivot to health and wellness was marked by her certifications from the Institute for Integrative Nutrition and the Center for Nutrition Studies. These qualifications, combined with her role as an ISSA Certified Personal Trainer, and her recent training as a HeartMath® Certified Practitioner, have equipped her with a unique perspective on holistic health. Her approach is not just about physical fitness; it’s about nurturing the body and mind through tailored nutrition, lifestyle changes, and techniques that promote stress management and emotional well-being.

In her capacity as a Nutritionist and Holistic Health Coach, Jane has been empowering individuals since 2012. Her services encompass a broad spectrum, from conducting health and nutrition analyses to creating personalized nutrition plans and conducting pantry makeovers. Her hands-on approach extends to grocery shopping trips and cooking classes, ensuring her clients are well-equipped to make sustainable health choices.

At MyHealth1st, Jane brings this rich tapestry of experience to her role as a health coach, nutritionist, and personal trainer. Her academic background, coupled with her practical expertise in health and wellness, makes her an invaluable resource for those seeking a holistic approach to their health journey. Jane’s commitment to empowering individuals aligns perfectly with our clinic’s ethos, making her an integral part of our team.

Katie O’Neil FNP

Nurse Practitioner

From early on, Katie felt a strong pull towards healthcare, driven by a sincere wish to help others. This led her to earn a Bachelor’s Degree in Nursing from MacMurray College and subsequently, a Master’s in Nursing with a specialization as a Family Nurse Practitioner from Western Carolina University.

Throughout her journey, Katie found ways to channel her healing instincts where they were needed most. She initiated a start-up primary care clinic, emphasizing outreach to the homeless, and also worked closely with nursing facilities and VA clinics, dedicating her expertise to the often overlooked and addressing the unique challenges faced by individuals with chronic illnesses.

One of the transformative moments in her career was her internship with Dr. James Biddle of Asheville Integrative Medicine. This experience deepened her appreciation for holistic, patient-centric care. To sharpen her skills, Katie trained intensively in Anti-Aging, Metabolic, and Functional Medicine with A4M. Under the mentorship of renowned experts, including Dr. Sherry Li of the Global Anti-Aging and Wellness Center in Macomb, Illinois, she completed her Fellowship studies and became one of the pioneering Nurse Practitioners in Illinois to be granted Full Practice Authority.

In 2021, eager to bring holistic care to her hometown, Katie took the entrepreneurial leap and founded her own functional medicine practice in Illinois. Here, she specialized in areas like bio-identical hormone replacement, nutrition, adrenal fatigue, autoimmune conditions, and anti-aging, always emphasizing a more profound understanding of each patient’s unique narrative.

When the opportunity arose to join Dr. Lari Young’s team in North Carolina, it felt like a harmonious step forward. This move was a natural evolution in her journey, emphasizing the core belief that medical care should intertwine scientific expertise with genuine, patient-focused attention.

Lilly Young

Operations Manager

Lindsey Roberts

Patient Coordinator