Hormone Pellet Therapy

When hormones are out of balance, it can leave you feeling tired, moody, or even lead to serious health problems. Our approach to hormone optimization is comprehensive, addressing not only primary sex hormones but also other pivotal hormones like thyroid and cortisol.

Hormone pellet therapy is a cornerstone of our offerings, a natural and robust method for restoring hormonal balance and enhancing overall well-being. It’s essential to recognize that hormone therapy is a personalized journey. While it offers transformative benefits, it might not be the initial step for everyone, particularly those in their reproductive years, as we carefully consider each individual’s unique health and fertility goals.

For younger women facing issues like PCOS or the side effects of hormonal birth control, and young men experiencing low testosterone levels, we provide natural strategies to support the body’s intrinsic hormone production, fostering balance and well-being. Connect with our office to explore how we support hormonal health across all life stages, and continue reading below for a detailed exploration of hormone pellet therapy tailored for both men and women.

For Women

Importance of Balanced Hormones

Balanced levels of testosterone, estrogen, and progesterone are critical for women’s health. Testosterone enhances energy, mood, and libido. Estrogen aids in preserving heart health, bone density, and cognitive function. Progesterone, which is best delivered in a bioidentical oral capsule, helps maintain a healthy menstrual cycle during and prior to peri-menopause and complements estrogen therapy by ensuring a balanced hormonal environment during and after menopause.

Our Approach

We provide bio-identical hormone pellet therapy, offering a consistent release of hormones. This approach aims to help you transition smoothly through menopause and maintain balance afterward.

These pellets, containing either estradiol or testosterone, are compact cylinders inserted beneath your skin through a minor, quick, and relatively painless procedure. Their natural, molecular structure is identical to human hormones and derived from plants, offering optimal compatibility and minimizing side effects.
Pellet therapy provides several distinct advantages over other hormone replacement therapies, such as pills, patches, creams, gels, and synthetic injections:

Every woman’s body is unique, and our approach recognizes and respects this. We’ll work with you to create a personalized plan that addresses your individual health journey and concerns.

The Benefits

Correcting hormonal imbalances can greatly improve your quality of life. Benefits include:

Embrace this new stage of life with health and vitality. Contact us to explore how you can achieve balanced hormones and live a happier, healthier life.

For Men

Andropause – What Is It?

Just like women, men too experience hormonal changes as they age, a phase sometimes referred to as ‘andropause’. You might notice things like mental fog, mood swings, weight gain around the middle, tiredness, or a dip in sexual drive. It’s all part of the body producing less testosterone.

Why Testosterone Matters

Testosterone isn’t just about sex drive—it’s an essential element for a man’s overall well being. It significantly impacts physical strength, mood, immunity, energy levels, and fertility. Alarmingly, we’ve noticed a disturbing trend where younger men, who should be experiencing peak testosterone levels, are instead presenting with suboptimal levels.

What We Offer

For many men, our bio-identical hormone pellet therapy is a game-changer, offering a consistent release of testosterone. These pellets, made from plant-based hormones that are identical to the ones our bodies naturally produce, release a steady dose of testosterone into your bloodstream for 4 to 5 months, helping your body stay in balance around the clock. They are inserted beneath the skin through a minor incision in a quick and relatively painless procedure. This delivery method offers several advantages over other hormone replacement therapies, such as pills, patches, creams, gels, and synthetic injections:

However, for younger men who aren’t ready for this approach, we offer Clomiphene. This can help the body to naturally produce more testosterone without negatively impacting fertility.

The Benefits

Optimal testosterone levels can transform a man’s life, with benefits including:

It’s time to put yourself back in balance. Contact us today to find out more about hormone pellet therapy and how it can help you.