Our Approach to Active Health

At MyHealth1st, we’re not just about treating symptoms; we aim to uncover and address the root causes of your health issues. If your initial assessment reveals an acute or chronic condition, our ACTIVE health plans are designed to guide you towards a healthier future.

Demystifying Health with Biomarkers

Imagine your blood as a comprehensive health report. We decode this report using biomarkers, health indicators in your blood that provide insights into your overall wellbeing. Our partnership with LabCorp allows us to use advanced testing, focusing on the crucial biomarkers that can guide us towards your optimal health. We examine an extensive array of predictive biomarkers and leverage our unique expertise to discern patterns among the results, painting a detailed picture of your true health status.

Your ACTIVE Health Journey

Based on your biomarker patterns and specific health needs, we create a personalized ACTIVE health plan. This includes tailored diet advice, nutritional support, and careful management of any existing prescription medications. We also incorporate additional therapies or assessments as needed to ensure a holistic approach to your wellbeing.

The journey to lasting health improvements requires time and commitment. Your ACTIVE phase is the start, typically spanning 1-6 months or more. However, your wellness journey with us extends beyond this, as we aim for enduring health and vitality.

Beyond Normal: Aiming for Optimal

Our approach rejects the status quo of conventional medicine – we don’t aim for band-aid solutions or ‘pills for ills.’ We delve deep into your underlying physiology, addressing any abnormalities or sub-optimal levels with aggressive, targeted plans. We refuse to settle for mere ‘normality’ or stand by while you teeter on the edge of significant health problems. Our goal is your optimal health.

Transition to Proactive Health

Once immediate health issues are managed, we shift the focus to proactive health – a critical step in maintaining your health victories and building on them. This involves routine monitoring, adjusting your plan as necessary, and ensuring you’re actively maintaining good health to prevent future issues.

Your health journey is a partnership. We provide guidance, expertise, and support, but your active participation is key. Together, we will navigate your path to health, ensuring you’re not merely surviving, but thriving. Dive deeper into our unique process on the Our Approach page, featuring an interactive flowchart that outlines our tailored pathways to vitality and proactive health management.