Medical Weight Loss

Weight Loss:
Holistic & Personalized

Unveil your best self with our holistic 12-week weight loss plan, combining advanced compounded medications with expert personalized nutrition and lifestyle coaching.

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Embrace a balanced blood type diet, personalized for you. Receive expert advice on nutrition, meal planning, and healthy cooking.

health coaching

Partner with a health coach for monthly sessions, crafting a journey tailored to your fitness and weight loss aspirations.


Track your health transformation with key lab tests, assessing metabolic and endocrine health at the program's start and finish.

Advanced Medications

Customized weight loss injections, like Semaglutide, and health-boosting supplements, all overseen by our expert providers.

& Health Coaching

Initial Assessment:
In your first 75-minute session, our holistic health coach evaluates your dietary habits, fitness level, and health goals. You’ll receive personalized coaching, nutritional advice, and an exercise plan to kickstart your journey.

Follow-up Sessions:

Our program is more than just weight loss; it’s about crafting a healthier, more balanced lifestyle. For those seeking deeper nutritional guidance, explore our Blood Type Diet & Health Coaching services for an extra layer of personalization.

Lab Assessment

The Biomarkers That Matter

Metabolic & Lipid Analysis

Our comprehensive panel offers a thorough analysis of your body's chemistry, including lipid profiles and complete blood counts, essential for a holistic view of your metabolic health.

Glucose & Iron

We closely monitor Hemoglobin A1c, Insulin, and Ferritin levels to assess your body's glucose management and iron storage. These indicators are vital for a comprehensive understanding of your metabolic health and weight loss efficiency.

Blood Type

Understanding your ABO blood group is crucial for tailoring your diet. This knowledge allows us to align our nutritional advice with your body's unique needs, enhancing the effectiveness of your weight loss journey.

Thyroid Check

Our detailed Thyroid Panel is key to identifying any imbalances that might impede weight loss. Ensuring thyroid health is crucial for metabolic regulation and achieving optimal health outcomes.

Initial and final biomarker assessments guide program suitability and track progress. LabCorp tests are insurance-covered or available for a $195 cash pay.

Advanced Medications

Compounded Semaglutide

Semaglutide, the active ingredient in popular weight loss medications like Wegovy and Ozempic, is at the forefront of our weight management program. Our compounded version elevates the standard with an advanced formula:

  • Enhanced with B6: We enrich Semaglutide with Vitamin B6, enhancing metabolic function and reducing nausea, for a superior formula.
  • Customized Dosing: Each dose is tailored to the individual, ensuring optimal effectiveness and a personalized approach to weight loss.
  • Cost-Effective: Without the need for insurance involvement, we offer our compounded Semaglutide as part of an all-inclusive program fee, often saving patients hundreds each month.
  • Trusted Compounding: Our partnership with a reputable local pharmacy ensures the highest quality and reliability of your weight loss medication.

By choosing our compounded Semaglutide, you’re opting for a weight loss journey that’s not only rooted in the latest science but also fine-tuned to your body’s needs and health goals.


Lipotropics are essential compounds that play a vital role in the body’s use of fat. Our formulation includes:

  • Choline: A cornerstone for liver health. It streamlines fat and bile movement from the liver, ensuring these fats are converted into energy. Also, choline has a role in detoxifying the liver and fat metabolism.

  • Inositol: Part of the B-vitamin family, inositol is involved in fat breakdown. It has other potential health benefits such as mood regulation and treatment for PCOS and certain female health concerns.

  • Methionine: This amino acid has a dual role—balancing certain hormones and aiding in the breakdown of fats.

  • Vitamin B12: Fundamental for various biological processes, especially in fat metabolism.

  • B Complex Vitamins: These elevate your energy levels and amplify the metabolism of fats. Being directly administered, these ensure optimum absorption and efficacy


Embark on your personalized weight loss journey with us. Contact us today to learn more or to schedule your initial appointment.