Viral Defense




Feeling under the weather? Viral exposure can disrupt your body’s intricate cellular functions, impacting energy levels and respiratory health. But you have a built-in defense system: your immune system. This blend harnesses the power of science-backed natural compounds to support your body’s defenses against everyday viral threats.

Essential oils rich in cineole, oxides, camphor, linalool, shikimic acid, and pinene are your frontline warriors. These potent compounds, found in Spike Lavender, Clary Sage, Liquidambar, and Thyme ct. geraniol, stimulate your immune cells’ antiviral activity, making them more adept at fighting off invaders.

This formula also contains Mastic and Laurel, offering antibacterial properties to soothe irritated airways and promote clear breathing. And for an extra boost, organic sulfur, a vital mineral known for its anti-inflammatory and tissue repair capabilities, provides additional support for a healthy immune response.

These natural ingredients create a powerful shield against everyday viral threats. In addition to its antiviral properties, this formula can help to relieve cough, clear congestion and promote easy breathing.

Key Features

Instructions for Use

Diffusing Blend: To diffuse, fill the diffuser well with water and add 3 drops of the oil concentrate. Use caution around children and pets. DO NOT INGEST.

Roll-On: Patch test before use. Apply to the inside of the wrists, base of the neck, over the abdominal area, and bottoms of the feet. Use in the morning when you wake up and at night a half hour before bed. May inhale throughout the day for a positive aromatic effect. DO NOT INGEST.