Mast Cell Harmony




Mast cells are found in the connective tissues of our body, and they release histamines and other substances during inflammatory or allergic reactions. These cells play an important role in our immune responses and our body’s fight against pathogens.

This calming blend nurtures balance within your mast cells, using nature’s wisdom to stabilize their activity. Spike Lavender and Fine Lavender offer gentle comfort, their soothing linalool performing as a balm to hypersensitive mast cells. English Peppermint adds a refreshing touch, its menthol acting as a natural anti-inflammatory, while Turmeric’s curcumin brings its potent anti-histamine properties to the blend. Finally, South Africa Geranium balances the symphony with its grounding, floral notes, promoting overall well-being.

We highly recommend this blend for those with Mast Cell Activation Syndrome (MCAS) and/or allergies and environmental/chemical sensitivities.

Key Features

Instructions for Use

Diffusing Blend: To diffuse, fill the diffuser well with water and add 3 drops of the oil concentrate. Use caution around children and pets. DO NOT INGEST.

Roll-On: Patch test before use. Apply to the inside of the wrists, base of the neck, over the abdominal area, and bottoms of the feet. Use in the morning when you wake up and at night a half hour before bed. May inhale throughout the day for a positive aromatic effect. DO NOT INGEST.