Lisa Trevino PA

Physician Assistant

Lisa began her career in hematology/oncology before progressing to chronic and acute pain management, where she focused on alleviating patient suffering. She developed a strong foundation in conventional medicine, particularly in caring for veterans. But Lisa had a calling to dive deeper for her patients. She was inspired to seek root cause solutions, rather than only symptom management. 

After relocating to North Carolina from Texas, Lisa’s personal health journey led her to explore integrative and functional medicine. Here, she discovered her passion for holistic approaches to health. She has since completed additional training in bioidentical hormone replacement, medical weight loss, and anti-aging aesthetic medicine.

At MyHealth1st, Lisa seamlessly integrates her conventional medical expertise with a holistic healthcare philosophy. She recognizes the constraints of traditional medicine and is committed to a more comprehensive approach to health, focusing on overall wellness rather than just treating illness. Eager to further her education and develop her skills, Lisa is poised to make significant contributions to our practice. Her dedication to advancing patient care aligns perfectly with our vision for innovative and holistic healthcare solutions.