Lari Young MD, MS

Medical Director, Founder

Lari’s initial spark for healthcare was ignited during her high school years as a candy striper, where she discovered her innate passion for helping people. This, coupled with a growing fascination for health science, steered her towards a Master’s Degree in Outcomes Research from Dartmouth College. Soon after, she found herself deeply involved in the cardiovascular research department at Massachusetts General Hospital. There, Lari played a pivotal role, designing informatics systems and analyzing patient outcomes. Yet, amid the data and research, she felt a growing desire for direct patient care.

Responding to this inner calling, Lari pursued her medical degree in her thirties. While she was deeply committed to her patients, she observed that many either weren’t improving or were facing severe health challenges that could have been prevented. This observation troubled her. She realized that the prevailing healthcare model was predominantly reactive, often waiting for patients to manifest a disease only to address their symptoms rather than the root causes. Lari believed in empowering patients with the knowledge and tools to reverse and prevent illness. Driven by this conviction, she sought a more holistic path — one that emphasized proactive, preventative care and placed a patient’s personal narrative at the heart of their treatment plan.

Her quest for holistic medicine led her to a postdoctoral fellowship in Integrative Medicine at Wake Forest University, training in medical acupuncture at the Helms Medical Institute, and in-depth studies at the Institute of Functional Medicine. During her years in private practice she completed additional specialty training for the treatment of Lyme, the Walsh Approach to holistic psychiatry, and Klinghardt’s Autonomic Response Testing.

In 2012, Lari bridged her love for data with her deep-seated belief in proactive, comprehensive care, and opened her own practice. A place where numbers and narratives come together, ensuring every patient is not just treated, but truly seen and understood.