Carlton Dehart RN, BSN, CHFN

Clinical Lead Nurse

Carlton began her academic journey at UNC Charlotte, securing degrees in Nursing and Biology and rounding out her education with a minor in Spanish. Surrounded by a family with ties to the medical field, her commitment to healthcare blossomed early on. With an innate ability to form genuine, meaningful connections, Carlton has always been dedicated to patient-centric care.

During her ten-year span in cardiology, Carlton gained vast experience and achieved certification in Heart Failure nursing. As the Advanced Heart Failure Coordinator at Novant Health-Charlotte Market, she not only demonstrated a profound understanding and unwavering dedication to individuals battling heart failure, but also adeptly managed and coordinated a dedicated team of nurses, ensuring cohesive patient care.

When faced with a personal and professional crossroads during the pandemic, Carlton serendipitously connected with Dr. Lari Young. Guided by her steadfast belief in medical freedom, patient empowerment, and holistic care, she chose a direction that resonated with her principles. Driven by a shared mission, they recognized the urgent need for an alternative healthcare approach—one that prioritized holistic early treatments for COVID-19. 

Post-pandemic, Carlton adeptly expanded her role within our clinic to assist with broader outpatient care. Collaborating with our entire team, she transcends the traditional role of a nurse, excelling at guiding patients through their lab results and navigating treatment plans. Her focus on patient advocacy ensures that every individual is fully empowered, informed, and valued on their health journey.